TCC Student Presentations

By Helen Torigoe, Guest Contributor
University of Hawai‘i, Educational Technology Master’s Degree Candidate 

It is that time of the year again: the annual TCC Worldwide Conference entirely conducted online is being held this week.  The conference involves presenters and audience from around the globe.  Inspirational speakers, sessions, and social connections all happen in the virtual space.

For the University of Hawai‘i Educational Technology (ETEC) students, this conference has an additional significance as the evening sessions are reserved for ETEC student presentations.  Each Master’s Degree candidate presents his or her project and cheers on fellow candidates. This is a proud moment for each ETEC student presenter who has poured many hours of work and heart into an action research or an instructional design project with a real-world application.  The knowledge gained from the research will be shared with audience from around the world; new ideas will spark more research by others in the audience.  Each presentation will be worth every wrinkle and white hair that cropped up as a byproduct, not to mention the new credentials students can claim as their own in a month.

This year’s student presentations range from Flipped Classroom, to an Organic Gardening module, to Computer Security Strategies.  Guaranteed to be another great set of student presentations!

Readers: We would like to learn more about other programs that require online presentations as part of a graduate degree program. Please respond in the comment area below.

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