Final Countdown to Our Presentation

By Frank Jumawan, Guest Contributor
University of Hawai‘i, Educational Technology Doctoral Degree Candidate

In a few hours, Eddie Merc and I will be rehearsing for our TCC 2012 presentation ‘Military Time’ before the actual presentation at 7:30 pm HST tonight.

This is my second year in presenting at TCC and to tell you the truth, it still feels like my first time presenting. Being nervous is normal and sometimes I have that mentality of being excited about proudly sharing something Eddie and I worked hard for. I invite you to see our very interesting topic on time management from a military college student’s point of view.

Good luck to all that are presenting at this year’s TCC Online Conference! Be proud for the work you have put in to show the world your ideas!

Readers: From your experience in teaching or making presentations, how do you avoid or deal with being nervous? What are the three best techniques you would recommend?

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1 Response to Final Countdown to Our Presentation

  1. Frank Jumawan says:

    There’s a change in the program. Our Military Time presentation is on Thursday 4/19 at 7:30 pm HST.

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