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  • What is so interesting about the speaker?

Dr. Veronica Diaz, Associate Director of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, gave us an impressive presentation about the usage of the MOOC. She has years of experiences and rich knowledge in open online class and design. Her speech is actively engaging, easy-followed and dynamic which made me feel the 40 minutes-presentation went by quickly. A lot of information and a speedy voice allowed me to intensively focus on the presentation at all the times.

  • What makes the conference session a worthwhile experience (for those that missed the session)

From my perspective, the MOOC is an attracting topic to follow in current academic field for both ETEC and non-ETEC audiences. TCC conference provides a good platform for international scholars and educators around the world to come and share ideas without geographic limitation. Through Dr. Diaz’s presentation, we got to know about MOOC Model, we scrutinized what is achieved and what changes we need to make within our own institution, and we thought about how we can integrate MOOC Model with our daily teaching and/or educational course design so as to fit our participants’ needs with a better course design.

It was a really good chance to listen, talk and share our mutual ideas and our teaching/learning experiences, get direct answers on what we felt puzzled by, and contribute to the whole community education. Also this is an effective, efficient and engaging way to learn from others.

  • What is the highlight of the session?

An informative presentation started from an eye-attracting educational delivery model. There were also considerable successful practices and examples of how the MOOC is being utilized by most of institutions. The abundant statistics in this presentation help us to understand the past, present and future of MOOCs. Lots of graphics, diagrams,  bar graphs, and less text reading were put together to make the presentation more vivid.  Polls (several short survey questions relevant to MOOC) on the right top panel during the entire presentation which made it more interactive with all the participants.

  • Speaker’s contact, social media and website information

Veronica Diaz, PhD

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