Guest Blogger Rian Barreras on Terry Anderson

Review of Terry Anderson’s “Getting the Right Mix: Open Content, Quality Teaching and Supportive Community”
by Rian Barreras

Terry Anderson of Athabasca University shared an interesting perspective on how to create a quality MOOC or Massive Open Online Course; it was entitled “Getting the Right Mix: Open Content, Quality Teaching and Supportive Community”. This presentation was especially enlightening to me, because I did not really know anything about MOOCs. While watching, I learned about the history of MOOCs, about research conducted on the subject, and implications for future success. One of the most interesting ideas of MOOCs is the ability to provide affordable and accessible education to people all over the world, but in order to create a quality experience for such a large array of people, the teacher must be ready to blend interaction and content. One of the neat ways Anderson’s institution, Athabasca University, seeks to incorporate interaction with education is through a social networking site created specifically for university members. The site, Athabasca Landing, allows for interaction between students and teachers both during the class time and after the class has been completed. This type of platform not only allows for students to learn from their current classmates but also from past students. The information is allowed to remain on the site for the next group to build upon. This type of connection seems to be one more improvement in the future of education that works to make online learning more personal, meaningful, and helpful.

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