Nā Iʻa Kapu: A Pre-Visit Online Lesson for Hanauma Bay by Anne Rosa (Featured Educational Technology Master Student)

by Emily McCarren (Guest Blogger)

University of Hawaii masters student, Anne Rosa gave a great TCC presentation about her work building a module for preparing students to enjoy the remarkable natural beauty of Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, in Honolulu, Hawai’i. I loved her presentation on many levels– the method of her usability study was flawless and very carefully done. Also, the design of the module, and also her stunning presentation slides are reminiscent of the natural beauty of the bay itself.








Being a fellow resident of O’ahu and also a student of the department of Educational Technology at UH, I thought the way that Anne was able to connect her coursework in educational technology to her passion, and her career, was just awesome. How wonderful to be given the opportunity to serve so many needs with this project.

Anne has beenfocused on createing usable, culturally appropriate, relevant and authentic materials to support students all over Hawai’i (and perhaps beyond) in enjoying the bay. Her actual project is really fun for students of all ages– you can have a look here.

Also, her reflection on the results of her usability study were interesting, and her aspirations for future improvements, ambitious and laudable. Anne reflected on a commitment to connecting the learning to a foundation firmly rooted in hawaiian culture in the module. Also she discussed the possibility of creating audio sections for younger students who can’t manage reading the content easily.

Anne’s work was a great example of the dynamic results that can come from technically savvy, passionate, place-based educators. Anne is a great example of just such a thoughtful, creative and committed person who is driven to support the learning of our keiki about our beautiful home.

You can contact Anne at annerosa@hawaii.edu.

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