Investigating the Impact of a Gamified Unit of Instruction on Student Motivation and Learning by Nolan K. Bowman

by Yahna Kawaa (Guest Blogger)

Nolan’s research on the impact of game based learning highlighted the importance of teaching with creativity and passion – emphasizing both the daily challenges and pressures faced by teachers to convey content that motivates and engages students. He spoke confidently about a topic truly unique to his classroom.

The results of his intervention for both high and low achieving students were remarkable and a testament to gamification as an instructional strategy.

Nolan actively engaged the audience through several simple polling questions and spoke in a calm and pleasant voice throughout the presentation, not too slow or fast.

I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about this interesting topic.

About the Featured Student Presenter’s Project


Description of Kainoa’s project:
“This action research project explores the impacts of gamification and choice elements on student motivation and learning in a sixth grade social studies class.”

Why he chose the topic for his project:
“As a lifelong gamer and an educator, I have always been intrigued by the topic of gamification in the classroom, this project provided me the perfect opportunity to explore it in depth.”

Social Media Information:
Twitter: @kainolan
Google+: +Nolan Kainoa Bowman

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