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No Nā Hale: Developing an Interactive iBook to Promote Learning for the Hawaiian Immersion Lower Elementary Classroom by Ku’ulei Belveal (Featured Learning Design & Technology Master Student)

written by Yahna Kawa’a (2016 TCC Guest Blogger) Mrs. Ku’ulei Belveal is a student, researcher and a Hawaiian Language Immersion Teacher. Her inquiry led to the design and development of an interactive ebook for dual-language learners (Hawaiian and English). A … Continue reading

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Into the Great Beyond: Next Generation Digital Learning Environments by Malcolm Brown & Veronica Diaz (Keynote Speakers)

written by Tuyet Hayes (2016 TCC Guest Blogger) Anyone who uses or is frustrated, fascinated, or confused about the learning management system (LMS) at their institution might find this presentation of interest to watch.  While you may not be able … Continue reading

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Using and Integrating Educational Technology: Capacities, Challenges and Changes for Higher Education in the Philippines by Dr. Danilo M. Baylen (Regional Speaker)

written by Alicia Barghout (2016 TCC Guest Blogger) Dr. Danilo Baylen, who has been living in the United States for the last 25 years, went back home to the Philippines last year.  Pressuring Danilo by telling him, “You need to … Continue reading

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Incorporating Instructional Design Theory into an Online Graduate Program (Japan) by Dr. Katsuaki Suzuki (Regional Speaker)

By Helen Torigoe (2016 TCC Guest Blogger) Kumamoto University is in the southern island of Kyushu in Japan, where strong earthquakes last week caused much damage.  As a result, Kumamoto University is currently closed and is being used as a … Continue reading

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The Distributed Teacher by Dr. Jon Dron (Keynote Speaker)

by Kurt Rutter (2016 TCC Guest Blogger) Dr. Jon Dron is co-author with Dr. Terry Anderson  of Teaching Crowds: Learning and  Social Media (AU Press), an OER text on the origins and impact of social media on learning,  the rise … Continue reading

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TCC 2016 : Final Call for Participation

Aloha, Join us for the TCC 2016 Worldwide Online Conference, The More We Get Together (April 19-21): Enjoy keynote and special regional sessions by: Dr. Jon Dron, Author, Athabasca University, Canada Drs. Malcolm Brown & Veronica Diaz, Educause Learning … Continue reading

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