No Nā Hale: Developing an Interactive iBook to Promote Learning for the Hawaiian Immersion Lower Elementary Classroom by Ku’ulei Belveal (Featured Learning Design & Technology Master Student)

written by Yahna Kawa’a (2016 TCC Guest Blogger)

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 12.09.49 PM.png

Mrs. Ku’ulei Belveal is a student, researcher and a Hawaiian Language Immersion Teacher. Her inquiry led to the design and development of an interactive ebook for dual-language learners (Hawaiian and English). A unique product, her digital book, No Na Hale, helps students learn sentence patterns and vocabulary in a fun and engaging way on an iPad. Like the Hawaiian language newspapers that are being digitized today, readers access to the content on a screen. However, this ebook takes the process a step further, affording users the opportunity to listen to the story, see images and search the glossary using a friendly little green caterpillar.

I really enjoyed listening to her presentation and look forward to seeing her Hawaiian Language iBook (and many more) in the iBook Store soon. If you missed her presentation but are still interested in learning more, please contact Ku’ulei at

Lyn Kuʻulei Belveal is a Master’s student in the Department of Learning Design and Technology at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

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