Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training: Learning Methodology and Technology Design [4/20/2017] by Dr. Mikhail Forminykh (Regional Speaker, Project Manager, Europlan UK Ltd, United Kingdom)

written by Laura Laolagi (TCC 2017 guest blogger)

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What is so interesting about the speaker?
The interesting par about the speaker is that he was able to follow through with his presentation and was very knowledgeable in the topic of using augmented reality to deliver meaningful training. The speaker plays an important role in an event because he was able to convey a compelling message that captured my attention, as well as those who attended. What makes the conference session a worthwhile experience (for those that missed the session)

To begin with, Dr. Mikhall Forminykh, defines augmented briefly as “technology that overlays the physical world/reality with a layer of digital information.”
Then Dr. Forminykh presents the Past Future and Present of Augmented reality
He talked about the history of augmented reality in the Past, when it was possible to use screen as a simple reality devise camera that served as a marker, he further stated that when you look through the marker on the screen of your phone, you see additional images or objects that appear as 3D or cartoon character, etc.., which is the simplest available for some years now, until in the Present, hollowfication, using glasses simulate presence…  which transporting people that are physically in remote places in full emersion, so that the person in the room sees a hologram of another person, very realistic, which is a significant improvement.
In the Future, augmented reality includes, conceptual videos. For an awesome example visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJg02ivYzSs. This is an amazing and neat video showing where augmented reality is headed towards.
Dr. Forminykh, further talked about augmented reality and what it can do and how “jobs will open up whereby computers will replace humans… most skilled workers will loose their jobs and will be replaced by machines, however take up new types of jobs will take up new jobs whereby they will collaborate and control machines” in the near future, which is why there is a demand for “better training in the industry, they think that the answer and challenge to train is to use augmented reality.” To most it’s new, but the session was a worthwhile experience because I was able to fully understand what augmented reality is, and how AR is used productively in the workplace.

What is the highlight of the session?

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The highlight of the session was when the presenter showed examples of how Augmented reality and how it’s used.

The highlight for me was when the presenter talked and shared a video of the “ghost hands” telementoring with hands on augmented reality instruction (collaboration of 2 remote people one is trainee (normal hands) and hands of remote expert is the ghost hands: and the trainer is the real hands as well as wearable experiences for intensive training.

Speaker’s contact, social media and website information

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