TCC 2020@25, One Day in Our Life – Free Plenary Sessions

For its 25th Annual TCC 2020@25 TCC Online Conference, TCC Hawaii has announced that 24 plenary sessions scheduled throughout the day on April 15, One Day in Our Life,  starting at midnight Hawaii time (other times) will be available globally, without charge.

The conference team supports our colleagues, students, and friends having to teach and learn online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, often on short notice and with little orientation.

To access the plenary sessions, go to the conference homepage:

Registered participants (fee applies) will enjoy full access to ALL conference recordings, attendance at 70+ concurrent and student sessions on Tuesday (April 14) and Thursday (April 16), receive daily bulletins, participate in the conference community with opportunities for networking and earning microcredentials, and evaluating the event.

1000 Wed MIDN John Augeri Learning Spaces Around the World
1100 Wed
1 AM
Wayne Holmes Artificial Intelligence in Education
2 AM
Cengiz Hakan Ayadin Building a Remote Learning Site for K12 School
1300 Wed
3 AM
Albert Sangra Online Education: Increasing Visibility and Reputation
1400 Wed
4 AM
Malcolm Brown The 2020 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report
1500 Wed
5 AM
Noel Broman 21st Century Curriculum Challenges
1600 Wed
6 AM
Cynthia Calongne VR 2020: Is it Safe for Education?
1700 Wed
7 AM
Levine & Saas WordPlace: An Online Writing Space
1800 Wed
8 AM
Veronica Diaz Digital Microcredentialing
1900 Wed
9 AM
Eichelberger & Leong Faculty’s Perception of Technology Tools
2000 Wed
10 AM
Alan Selig Never Let Them See You Sweat
2100 Wed
11 AM
Levine & Bali From Conference Hallways to the Classroom
2200 Wed
Lin & Eichelberg A Card Game that Sparks Creative Confidence
2300 Wed
1 PM
Satoru Shinagawa Screencasting – Which Software to Use?
MIDN* Wed 2
Mary Dereshiwsky Challenges to Faculty Bullying and Harassment
0100* Wed
3 PM
Katsuaki Suzuki Japanese Society 5.0 and Ed Technology Research
0200* Wed
4 PM
Kenichi Kubota Inter-University Collaboration to Enhance Teaching in Cambodia
0300* Wed
5 PM
Jason YJ Lee How Pop Culture Can Influence Language Learning
0400* Wed
6 PM
Kageto & Sato Principles of Asian Students ICT Exchange
0500* Wed
7 PM
Mayumi Kubota Intercultural Exchange between Hawaii and Japan
0600* Wed
8 PM
Fran Choi Digital Game-based Learning for Enhancing Phonemic Discrimination
0700* Wed
9 PM
Curcher & Teräs Putting our CARDE’s on the Table
0800* Wed
10 PM
Kumiko Aoki Lifelong and Lifewide Learning
0900* Wed
11 PM
Marko Teräs Advancing Equity Through Open Distance Learning
* Next day, Aug 16 | ** Click for other timezones

TCC 2020@25 Worldwide Online Conference
April 14-16, 2020

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About tcchawaiiadmin is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that produces the annual TCC Worldwide Online Conference in partnership with the LTEC department at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa and LearningTimes of New York.
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