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Beyond Enrollment & The Open Door: Using Technology to Close the Completion Gaps by Dr. Stella A. Perez (Keynote Speaker)

by Alicia Barghout (Guest Blogger) Dr. Stella A. Perez started with a brief history of community colleges and moved into an introduction of why community colleges are an important part of the current and future educational system. She mentions support … Continue reading

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Powers to the people: Exponential crowd power on the web by Alice Bedard-Voorhees (Regional Speaker)

by Madeline Giscombe (Guest Blogger) Alice Bedard-Voorhees (as seen in the image below with her 3D mini persona Alice Actionette) gave a quite interesting TCC presentation about the power of online crowds! From crowdsourcing and smart mobs the mechanisms for … Continue reading

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Investigating the Impact of a Gamified Unit of Instruction on Student Motivation and Learning by Nolan K. Bowman

by Yahna Kawaa (Guest Blogger) Nolan’s research on the impact of game based learning highlighted the importance of teaching with creativity and passion – emphasizing both the daily challenges and pressures faced by teachers to convey content that motivates and … Continue reading

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Techno-mobility: How technology-enabled distance education opened up the world by Mark Curcher (Regional Speaker)

by Jordie Ocenar (Guest Blogger) Mark Curcher is the Program Director of the 21st Century Educators Program at Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland. He began teaching in the United Kingdom and eventually had the opportunity to teach in … Continue reading

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Social Media, Co-Learning and Peeragogy by Howard Rheingold (Keynote Speaker)

by Koran Munafo (Guest Blogger) A delightful and engaging speaker, Howard immediately drew me into this creative and forward thinking talk. A simple Google search on Howard will net a myriad of interesting, innovative, unique, and inspiring ways of how … Continue reading

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Information and Communication Technology Use for Active Learning in Japan by Dr. Kenichi Kubota (Regional Speaker)

by Helen Torigoe (Guest Blogger) Dr. Bert Kimura introduced the last regional plenary speaker of the TCC 2015 as one with “a passion for developing best practices with regards to using technology in education.”  Dr. Kenichi Kubota is a professor … Continue reading

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What the WEB? by Alan Levine (Keynote Speaker)

by Tuyet Hayes (Guest Blogger) Tuesday’s keynote presentation was delivered by Alan Levine, pedagogical technologist and architect of open and connected learning.  In recognition of TCC celebrating its 20th anniversary, Levine delivered his keynote as if it was 1996, the … Continue reading

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Explore Schofield Barracks: An Interactive Journey by Lindsey Davis (Featured Learning Design & Technology Master Student)

by Janet Leach (Guest blogger) Doing something for the greater good without any expected monetary compensation?! That is hard to find nowadays. Lindsey Davis, Master’s student at UH Manoa, did just that! She’s a volunteer at a museum on Schofield … Continue reading

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Call for Volunteers!

The TCC 2015 Social Media Team is still seeking volunteers to be official bloggers for our 20th annual TCC 2015 Online Conference. Volunteers can get their TCC 2015 Online Conference fee waived!  Official bloggers will be responsible for writing up … Continue reading

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TCC 2015 March 17-19: Register now!

Registration for the TCC 2015 Worldwide Online Conference, The Future is Now, is available: General information about the conference is also detailed. Enjoy KEYNOTE sessions by: Dr. Howard Rheingold, Author, Critic, Journalist & Educator Alan Levine, Pedagogical Technologist, Architect … Continue reading

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