Badges at TCC


For the second year, TCC participants will be eligible to earn badges as they take part in the conference by presenting their work and interacting with others.  Badges will be issued to recognize participants who are forward-thinking, have produced quality research, and who demonstrate community-related skills during 2013 TCC Conference.  This page is a started for participants to find out the what badges will be earned during this year’s TCC conference.  For more information about badges and to earn your first badge, see Mozilla’s Open Badges project website.

Earn TCC Badges!

The badges have been designed around the goals and values of the TCC Conference, which celebrate professional experiences, global community-building, and increasing our knowledge of education and technology.  To see what badges will be awarded this year, go to the 2013 TCC Conference Badge info page.

TCC 2013 Badges

Visual Design by M. Yamada

Badges are issued to participants based primarily on nominations from other attendees.  Did you really enjoy a certain presentation?  Nominating the presenter for a badge is a great way to show your support for their work!  Other badges can be earned by engaging with others in discussion threads, blog posts, and involving social media in your conference experience.

More about Badges

Badges earned at TCC are made using the Mozilla Open Badges spec, meaning they are open and interoperable with many other badges. Thousands of badges are issued each day around the world by various organizations, many relating to professional development and skills demonstration.  TCC badges are yours to keep!  You can display them on your blog, electronic portfolio, and other personal or professional profiles.

Hold on to your Badges

This year’s badges will be displayed in your conference profile, issued to you through the Credly badge platform. From inside Credly, you’ll have options to display your badges as a portfolio and use other services they provide.

We do recommend that you keep a copy of your badges in the Mozilla Backpack, which makes it easy to earn badges from multiple sources, both online and offline. Then sort them into categories and chose where they’re shared, through a single interface. To set up your own Mozilla Backpack, go on over to

Mozilla Open Badges logo

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