Featured Student Sessions

Here are the top nine student presentations recognized by the University of Hawaii Educational Technology (ETEC) Department Staff. The featured student presenters are among a number of student presenters who are fulfilling their major requirement for their ETEC Master’s Degrees. Congratulations to all of  you!

Click on each student name to view his or her TCC 2013 Presenter Profile Page and Session Info.

Tod Aeby

Presentation: Use of Synchronous, On-line Focus Groups as a Needs Assessment Tool

Description of project: “This is an action research project exploring the use of synchronous on-line focus groups as a tool for conducting needs assessment for use in designing medical educational conferences.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “I am the chair of the planning committee for an upcoming medical educational conference that will draw a diverse group of international participants and I wanted a novel and effective way to determine their instructional needs.”

Kālewa Correa

Presentation: The Virtual Hawaiian Lo‘i: Applying Second Life to Cultural and Environmental Education

Description of project: “The Hawaiian Virtual Lo’i is about traditional knowledge transference, environmental education and food security within an immersive educational environment.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “I selected this topic because I feel Hawaiʻi needs to focus on food security and environmental preservation by looking to how farming and conservation efforts were done in the past.”

Roxina Filrang

Presentation: Digital Storybooks: Where Stories Come to Life!

Description of project: “An instructional design project in a digital book form that teaches basic photography and book-making skills to develop digital storybooks appropriate for literacy instruction.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “I was inspired to weave together the Pacific Islanders’ art of storytelling with the 21st century tools of digital arts in hope that it would contribute to teachers’ lofty endeavor to provide culturally responsive instruction for our children with diverse learning styles.”

Salynn Kam

Presentation: Designing an Instructional Module to Assist Third Grade Students in Creating Multimedia Presentations with EduGlogster

Description of project: “This presentation shares the experience of an elementary teacher in creating and evaluating a web-based module to assist students in creating a web-based presentation using EduGlogster.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “This topic was chosen to explore the characteristics of web-based instruction, which assists young learners in completing the web-based module successfully.”

Nan Ketpura-Ching

Presentation: Problem-Based Learning for Healthy Hearts

Description of project: “The purpose of my action research study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a problem-based learning module in a blended learning environment to increase concept attainment in high school students at a private high school on O‘ahu.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “I was interested in this topic to determine if students can attain new concepts through problem-based learning alone without lectures in learning about the human cardiovascular system in Anatomy and Physiology.”

Jonathan Kevan

Presentation: Developing iBooks: A Case Study Teaching Gram-stain Analysis

Description of project: “My project is about creating a framework to guide development of educationally effective iBook interventions.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “I am extremely passionate about improving STEM related education, and I believe electronic books create a powerful opportunity to achieve this objective.”

Yasmin Saban

Presentation: The Flipped Classroom Instructional Module

Description of project: “My project discusses the implementation of a flipped classroom instructional model on K-12 teachers.”

Why topic was chosen for project:  “As a flipped classroom teacher, I chose this project as a way to help educators learn about the benefits of using this method in their classrooms. “

Helen Torigoe

Presentation: Developing an Effective E-Textbook for CS101 Students at UH Hilo: An iBook Instructional Module

Description of project: “My project is on determining the effectiveness of an interactive e-textbook for a Computer Science course I teach at UH Hilo and I used iBooks Author to create an iBook on HTML.”

Why topic was chosen for project:  “Today’s college students are digital natives who increasingly prefer searching, scanning, and digital stimulation over methodically reading print textbooks.”

Gavon Wong

Presentation: Irrashaimase! … Online Japanese for Hawaii Retail

Description of project: “Aloha and irrashaimase (welcome) to the World Famous Crazy Shirts and the company’s first web-based asynchronous instructional module that teaches Japanese phrases to Hawaii retail sales associates and managers who interact with Japanese customers.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “Living in Japan for 2 years, I learned that through learning about other cultures and their language, we can break down barriers of communication, expand our ways of thinking, and strengthen relationships between more people all over the world. “

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