Thursday Evening’s Featured Educational Technology Master’s Presentations

Here are some of outstanding student presentations as recognized by the University of Hawaii Educational Technology (ETEC) Department Staff that will be presenting on Thursday April 24. These featured student presenters are among a number of student presenters who are fulfilling their major requirement for their ETEC Master’s Degrees.

Click on presentation name to view featured presenter’s TCC 2014  Session Info.

Sean Walsh

Presentation: Realizing Rental Energy Efficiency

Description of project: “This project developed an asynchronous web-based instructional module to best inform the rental households in Hawaii about their options for greater energy efficiency and their benefits.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “The first step toward reducing the demand for imported oil is to be educated through online resources of current consumption levels and use those learned concepts to make critical steps to reduce oil consumption and improve energy efficiency.”

Kelley Dudoit

Twitter: @kkdudoit

Presentation: Examining the Role of Online Courses in Native Hawaiian Culture and Language at the University of Hawaii

Description of project: “A needs assessment project to examine the role of online courses in Native Hawaiian language and culture at the University of Hawaii community colleges.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “This topic peaked my interest because I noticed a lack of distance education options for students (especially those located in rural areas) interested in earning the UH system-wide Associate Degree in Hawaiian Studies.”

Ty Aki

Twitter: @macplyr

Presentation: Using Mobile Device to Teach Tennis Instructors How to Teach the Rules of Tennis

Description of project: “The purpose of this project was to create and evaluate an iBook module to help tennis instructors teach the rules of tennis.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “I chose this topic because technology affords tennis coaches the opportunity use mobile devices to aid in today’s tennis instructions.”

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