Tuesday Evening’s Featured Educational Technology Master’s Presentations

Here are some of outstanding student presentations as recognized by the University of Hawaii Educational Technology (ETEC) Department Staff that will be presenting on Tuesday April 22. These featured student presenters are among a number of student presenters who are fulfilling their major requirement for their ETEC Master’s Degrees.

Click on presentation name to featured presenter’s TCC 2014  Session Info.

Dana Ishii

Twitter: @danaishii
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dana.ishii.5

Presentation: Open Planner: Using Google Calendars for Cloud Based Personal and Collaborative Lesson Planning

Description of project: “At Peace Incomplete: Using Google Calendar as a perpetual lesson planner (A Usability Study).”

Why topic was chosen for project: “I wanted to make my life (and potentially the lives of others) easier and less redundant.”

Adam Halemano
Adam Halemano, Jr.

Twitter: @houseofshark

Presentation: Piano Basics for Online Mobile Learning

Description of project: “The purpose of this instructional design project is to develop and evaluate an online web-based instructional module on how to identify and play chords and scales on a standard piano keyboard.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “For me, the piano has always been a source of focus, relaxation, and emotional wellness in terms of its usefulness and effectiveness as a cognitive tool for academic achievement and success.”

Anne Rosa

Presentation: Nā Iʻa Kapu: A Pre-Visit Online Lesson for Hanauma Bay

Description of project: “To enhance the field trip experiences of students at Hanauma Bay, an online pre-visit lesson was developed to help teachers to prepare their 3rd-5th grade students for a visit.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “I chose this topic for my project because it involved designing a lesson that brings together science, Hawaiian culture and conservation.”

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