Wednesday Evening’s Featured Educational Technology Student Presentations

Here are two outstanding Educational Technology (ETEC) student presentations by students who are presenting their projects for the Developing E-Learning Environments course taught by Curtis Ho.

Click on presentation name to view featured presenter’s TCC 2014  Session Info.

Eduard Merc

Twitter: @edkopletko

Presentation: Online Student Orientation For Military Students

Description of project: “Online military student orientation is a 5-week distance education course that was designed to help student veterans to familiarize themselves with characteristics, basic terminology, and best practices of becoming an effective online learner in higher education environment.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “This project is part of my full-time job initiatives as a director of distance education at Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) to provide adequate resources to our student veterans when applying for HPU’s online programs and be prepared to take advantage of online courses as well as be aware of some challenges that occur to student veterans in online settings after serving the country in the U.S. Military. Also, this class-based project has allowed me to learn more about the needs of online military learners, who are also the focus of my Ph.D. dissertation at the College of Education, University of Hawai’i at Manoa.”


Dana IshiiLeon GeshchwindEdmond Lee
Dana Ishii, Leon Geschwind and Edmond Lee

Edmond’s Twitter: @edvislee
Edmond’s Facebook:

Presentation: Keeping Safe from Tsunamis: A 4th Grade Mini-Online Class

Description of project: “Tsunami education is a critical component to include when taking steps towards increasing the resilience of a coastal community. Without public understanding of the tsunami hazard and the procedures in place for a tsunami event, communications and effective and timely evacuation may breakdown, ultimately resulting in loss of life. For tsunami education to be effective, especially in younger audiences, learners must be engaged and must engage multiple learner modalities. Using a turtle superhero as a guide and various engaging web, social networking, and multimedia tools, the Tsunami ABC’s Course can help educate 8-10 year olds about tsunami preparedness, evacuation, warning, and risk.”

Why topic was chosen for project: “Living in a tropical paradise, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, we live under the constant threat of tsunami inundation. Even though tsunamis are not preventable there are now many systems in place to detect and warn people when one is coming. But a warning is just that- only a warning. When students are educated at a young age and asked to create evacuation plans, they will share this knowledge with their immediate family members, many of whom might not have been exposed to this information or who might not speak English natively. By using current technology, internet, and media tools our course will engage learners and teach them not only when and where to evacuate, but how and why tsunamis are so powerful. In this way, warnings will become actions and lives will be saved.”

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