TCC 2015 March 17-19: Register now!

Registration for the TCC 2015 Worldwide Online Conference, The Future is Now, is available:

General information about the conference is also detailed.

Enjoy KEYNOTE sessions by:
Dr. Howard Rheingold, Author, Critic, Journalist & Educator
Alan Levine, Pedagogical Technologist, Architect of Open & Connected Learning
Dr. Stella Perez, Sr. VP Communications and Advancement, American Association of Community Colleges

This year, our 20th conference features an ONSITE option to participate in-person at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa campus. There is also an option to participate virtually ONLINE as in previous years.

For further information (including low-cost housing, and an optional educational tour), see:

Site licenses for unlimited participation from a campus or system are available. Special rates apply to University of Hawai’i faculty and staff. For more info, contact Sharon Fowler <>.

We look forward to seeing you at TCC 2015.

Warm regards,
– Bert Kimura
For the TCC Conference Team

SUBSCRIBE. To join our TCCOHANA-L mailing list, see instructions at:

For assistance, contact Bert Kimura <>. Thank you for your support of the TCC Worldwide Online Conference.

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Dr. Eddie Gose, TCCfx 2014 Keynote Speaker

TCCfx 2014 Dr. Eddie Gose, was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He and his wife Davilla moved to Oregon this week where Eddie will receive treatment and undergo surgery.

Sketchnote graphic Gose keynote

Sketchnote of Gose keynote by Chester Keysberry.

Dr. Eddie has been a fixture in the College of Education at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa for the past decade as a student in our department and as an instructional designer with DCDC. Eddie has been having a stellar year: PhD in Educational Technology, keynote speaker for TCCfx 2014, Best Paper Award for E-Learn 2014, and his marriage to Davilla. He is loved by all and TCC Hawaii wants to support Eddie and Davilla as he gets “ready to scale Mt. Everest,” as his doctor terms it.

Eddie’s friend, Steve Uyehara (Hawaii News Now TV Anchor) has started a GoFundMe drive for Dr. Eddie. You may leave words of encouragement at this site as well.

The sketchnote graphic visualizing Dr. Eddie’s keynote is provided by Chester Keysberry, a Ph.D. candidate in Dr. Eddie’s cohort.

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TCC 2015: Call for Proposals Deadline Extended

The deadline for proposal submission is extended until December 23, 2014.

We continue to accept proposals for papers and general sessions relating to all aspects of educational technology. For our 20th Anniversary, we will host an on-site conference at the University of Hawai’i Manoa simultaneously with our annual online conference.

Full details:

Registration to participate ONLINE or ONSITE is forthcoming in a week to 10 days. Stay tuned!

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TCC 2015: March 17-19. Call for Proposals

Please consider submitting a proposal for a paper or general session relating to all aspects of educational technology. For our 20th Anniversary, we will host an on-site conference at the University of Hawai’i Manoa simultaneously with our annual online conference.

Full details:

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TCCfx 2014

Forward to the Future
October 22, 2014

TCCfx 2014 graphicTCCfx 2014 is a complimentary mini-online conference that serves as a platform for the growing learning design and technology (LTEC) community. This online conference aims to connect, collaborate, create, and improve teaching and learning in the 21st century by empowering current and prospective LTEC students and others to prepare for success in their graduate programs and their future professions.

Prepare masters students with their projects
PhD research & technology
Human subjects research
Mobile learning
Educational technology directions
Careers in educational technology
International collaboration
Technology tools

Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Time: 5:00 pm-9:00 pm HST
Location: Online (
Cost: FREE (complimentary), registration required
Other time zones:
Deadline to register: October 20, 2014


For a preview, last year’s archives for 2013 are available at:

TCCfx is a collaboration between & the Learning Design & Technology Department, College of Education, University of Hawaii at Manoa. LTEC graduate students design and produce this event.

NOTE: A Call for Proposals for TCC 2015, scheduled for March 17-19 will be posted shortly. TCC 2015 will be an event that combines online participation with onsite sessions for a limited number of participants.

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Designing Assessment, Assessing Instructional Design: From Pedagogical Concepts to Practical Applications by Stefanie Panke (Keynote Speaker)

by Joseph Greene (Guest Blogger)

Dr. Stefanie Panke, Instructional Analysts and UNC Chapel Hill, presented the Thursday morning Keynote message titled Designing Assessment, Assessing Instructional Design.  Dr Panke has a unique perspective on higher education as someone who was educated in Germany and now works in the U.S.  She made her resources for the conference available on her professional website at

Dr. Panke’s first major point was to ask if what we assess actually measures what we want to know?  She gave four suggestions for improving assessment: Move from assessment of learning to the assessment for learning, move from knowledge acquired to competencies applied, competency based instruction needs to be aligned with assessment, and move from test/quiz to assessment activities (time consuming).  She elaborated on assessment by mentioning five dimensions of authentic assessment, all of which should be considered a continuum: Task, physical context, social context, results, and criteria.  She finished this section by pointing out that when we say authentic assessment, we often mean creative assessment.

The second major portion of the presentation dealt with practical tools that have been discovered during UNC’s redesign of their Master of Public Administration program.  The first aspect was a needs assessment that included website redesign which involved using the personas method, where groups create personas of probable users, to aid in identifying the best possible design for the site.  Second was an impact assessment that featured a discussion on learning analytics as well as a discussion of competencies that tie directly into core courses and analytical rubrics to help assess those competencies (see image below).  The final portion of the practical tools section was classroom assessment which focused on e-portfolios.  There were three types of portfolios mentioned, Documentation that shows growth towards learning goals, Process which shows phases of the learning process, and Showcase which shows accomplishments and competencies.

Dr. Panke left us with an interesting final question for designing assessments.  How do you capture changing competencies?

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Examining the Role of Online Courses in Native Hawaiian Culture and Language at the University of Hawaii by Kelley Dudoit (Featured Educational Technology Master Student)

by Yahna Kawa’a (Guest Blogger)

I had the pleasure of attending the Master’s presentation session by Kelley Duduoit entitled, The Role of Online Courses in Native Hawaiian Culture and Language at the University of Hawaii on April 24, 2014. Her study sought to identify the needs of online degree seeking Native Hawaiian students, who like herself were balancing work and school schedules while living on an outer island away from the major university campus. The topic was both of personal and scholarly interest. Through a needs assessment, Native and non-Native Hawaiian students were surveyed about their online coursework and learning preferences. Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 6.17.17 PMShe found that students preferred and valued regular contact with quality instructors, wanted training and desired greater selection of course offerings. Her study highlighted the challenges universities face in meeting the needs of their students, the expectations placed upon online professors and instructors and the wonderful opportunities created by online programs to reach a great population of students interested in furthering their education. The study’s focus on Native Hawaiian students and Hawaiian culture made it unique and it is my hope that these results be shared with the University of Hawaii’s Distance Education program.

Kelley is a Master’s student in the College of Education’s Online Master’s in Educational Technology Education program at the Univerisity of Hawaii, Manoa. She lives on Moloka’i with her family.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 6.18.35 PM

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